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The Portal to Texas History

Portal Posters

Print your own!

The Portal to Texas History offers free 8.5" x 11" posters - just download and print your own from a .pdf. There are two sets of posters below, one set highlights images from The Portal to Texas History and the other set is designed to accompany the Newspaper Narrative lesson plans.

The Newspaper poster themes are Suffrage, Advertising, Galveston Storm, Panama Canal, and Conquest of the Air.

suffragetteSM advertising poster
galveston storm panama poster
aeronautics poster  

The Portal poster themes are Discover WWII, Discover Adventure, Discover Diversity, Discover this Land, Discover Culture, Discover Heritage. To print your own, just click on the image to download the pdf file.

Female factory worker in WWII Bucking Horse poster
Pancho Villa and Discover Diversity Discover this Land Poster
Older gentleman playing fiddle two cute children Discover Heritage