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History Snapshots

History Snapshots dynamically connect students with history through images and stories that document a slice of life from the past. What equipment did the U.S. Cavalry carry when mobility meant travel by horse? How did an immigrant family make its mark on Texas? These brief activities will help students discover the answers.

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Black Gold: Texas Oil

The Texas “oil boom” wove itself indelibly into the fabric of Texas culture and myth. Explore the legend with photographs that document the beginnings of this important industry.

The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919

During the fall of 1918 and winter of 1919, the world was rocked by an epidemic of influenza known as the Spanish Flu. This strain was exceptionally lethal. It is estimated that twenty-five million Americans were infected and 675,000 to 850,000 died from the disease.
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The Kishi Farm: Japanese Immigrants to Texas

In 1907, committing his own wealth supplemented by large loans, Kichimatsu and several other Japanese families moved to the Terry area of Orange County establishing the Kishi Rice Farm on his newly purchased land.  The Japanese-American settlers built homes, a church, and the Kishi Rice Farm. 
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Mount Up! U.S. Cavalry Equipment

Why was cavalry equipment so important? Learn what it meant to be a soldier at the turn of the century, and why good horse-riding skills were necessary, while examining detailed illustrations of what it took to saddle up.